Using Data & Technology to Make Safety Operational

The mission to improve safety performance is never a ‘one and done’. Teams face issues of inefficient workflows, poor worker engagement and difficulty accessing real-time information. All are affecting safety performance.

What if we could solve this by embedding safety further into construction operations?

Since 2014, HammerTech has been working with incredible contractors who have embarked on this journey to ensure safety has a seat at the business operations table.

Safety, field and operations leaders gathered to explore how to embed safety further into construction and field processes with technology and data to improve your safety culture.

Through case studies, focus sessions and expert panels we heard how they:

  • Build a culture that elevates safety into construction operations (beyond audits and inspections)
  • Get the right information to field and safety leaders for prevention and continuous improvement
  • Set a foundation that will ensure safety wins with the introduction of new field technology like wearables, sensors and machine learning


In Partnership with HammerTech


HammerTech’s cloud-based software platform enables clients to consolidate safety, quality and daily field management processes into one platform. We support paperless workflows that makes site operations collaborative, easy and centralized.

Founded in 2015. HammerTech is now used by leading construction companies in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada.

With 16 configurable modules, HammerTech's system was designed to support unique company requirements, comprehensively.

Over 1 million workers are enrolled and each day over 100,000 login to HammerTech worldwide. Supporting companies with a combined Annual Construction Volume of $100 Billion, HammerTech is the tool industry uses for better reporting, better safety and better profit.


Media Partner

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