No B.S. Process for Choosing Tech - Webinar with Heather Baker, Senior Business Analyst at Davis Construction

What goes through your head when someone says "We need a new tech solution for X,Y,Z"?

We hear that it's often thoughts of conflicting priorities, too many options and change exhaustion.

If you're facing any of the above or simply looking to refine your selection processes, Heather Baker has the answer. Heather has led dozens of tech projects and talks through the most crucial details for choosing tech to solve your business needs.


HammerTech Lite in Action at DAVIS Construction

Check out the pilot projects DAVIS Construction are rolling out with HamemrTech Lite.

"Hours upon valuable hours have been saved for everyone from the superintendents to subcontractors to employees."


Digital Transformation with ADCO

Check out the one-pager on how HammerTech has impacted daily operations at ADCO.

"On-site, the system provides ADCO teams with greater mobility and the ability to notify, follow-up and close-out key issues with subcontractors."


HammerTech Data Integrity: A Driving Force in DPR Operations

Read the whitepaper on how DPR are using data to enhance safety measures on site.

"Crew leads can take the opportunity at any time to walk around the site, locate safety challenges and address them immediately."